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Rules and Regulations

Following are the Rules and Regulations of the Eagle's Nest RV Resort, referred hereinafter as “Eagle's Nest RV Resort” and are part of all Rental Agreements. Please read the Rules and Regulations carefully and keep them on file as they constitute a binding agreement between you and Eagle's Nest RV Resort. These Rules and Regulations are applicable to all tenants, upon proper notice, on the effective date noted below, whether or not they are signed. Eagle's Nest RV Resort reserves the right to supplement and amend these Rules and Regulations as allowed by law. Although Eagle's Nest RV Resort will take reasonable steps to enforce these Rules and Regulations in a reasonable fashion from and after their effective date, the manner and method of enforcement lies solely within the discretion of Eagle's Nest RV Resort, and there is no guarantee that these Rules and Regulations will always be enforced to the exact satisfaction of any particular Tenant.  Since Eagle's Nest RV Resort’s personnel and resources are limited, Tenants should notify Eagle's Nest RV Resort, in writing, of any rules violation which Tenants believe require the attention of Eagle's Nest RV Resort management.

1. Fair housing community: Eagle's Nest RV Resort is open to qualified renters without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition or age.

2. Rental agreement: These rules and regulations are an integral part of the Rental Agreement. All Tenants are required to sign a written Rental Agreement. Prospective Tenants must fill out a Tenant Application Form and sign a Rental Agreement before they can be acted as a Tenant at Eagle's Nest RV Resort and move their RV into the park.

3. Special rules incorporated by reference: Other rules of conduct concerning the use of Eagle's Nest RV Resort’s facilities are posted throughout Eagle's Nest RV Resort RV Ranch and by this reference are incorporated herein as though set forth in full.

4. Written Approval: References to approval or authorization shall be construed as written approval. Eagle's Nest RV Resort may be contacted during posted hours, or by calling 940/600-2749. Approval of residence applications will be given within 48-72 hours of submission.

5. Rv standards: All RV’s to be placed at Eagle's Nest RV Resort must meet all local, state, and federal standards and must be less than ten (10) years from its manufacture date. All RVs to be moved into Eagle's Nest RV Resort must be approved by Eagle's Nest RV Resort’s superintendent.

6. Permissible use of the site: The site shall be used solely as a residence and shall house only those persons approved and included in the application and no others.

Occupancy is limited to no more than two (2) persons per the number of bedrooms, plus one.

No guest is allowed to operate or conduct business of any kind including a home occupation business within the RV Park. Garage sales or estate sales cannot be held within the RV Park.

7. RV Maintenance: Exteriors of RVs must be well-maintained, clean and neat in appearance. All electrical, water, sewer, and natural gas connections must be kept in good and leak-proof condition at all times, and in compliance with all state and municipal laws or regulations. Please use proper receptacles when extinguishing cigarettes. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

8. Site maintenance: Tenants shall maintain their sites in a clean, well kept and attractive manner, including the front, sides, and back of the RV. If a site is neglected, after reasonable written notice, Eagle's Nest RV Resort reserves the right but is not obligated to, take over the site maintenance and bill the homeowner for this service.

Eagle's Nest RV Resort shall not prohibit Tenants from installing accommodations required for disabled Tenants on their site.

All awnings should be closed when leaving your RV unattended. Strong winds can come about suddenly and cause severe damage.

9. Storage sheds: Tenant storage sheds are prohibited. Eagle's Nest RV Resort will be providing storage facilities in our expansion plans.

10. Fences: No fences may be erected within Eagle's Nest RV Resort RV Ranch without prior written approval.

11. Noise: Excessive noise from pets, vehicles, TVs, radios, etc., is not allowed and can result in eviction. A “Quiet Time” is designated from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

12. Storage and hazardous materials: Storage under RVs is prohibited. No hazardous substances or materials, including but not limited to flammable, combustible, explosive or toxic substances may be stored on the site, except those customarily used for normal household purposes and then only in quantities reasonably necessary for normal household use.

13. Garbage, recycling & yard waste: Dumpsters are for household trash only.  All other Tenant trash must be disposed of at the Tenant’s expense. Yard trimmings are to be taken to a designated area. Garbage area shall be kept clean with lids closed. Appliances shall not be allowed outside of RV or discarded with household trash. Garbage should be in sealed trash bags and disposed of in provided dumpsters.

14. Subletting: No subletting, subleasing, or renting of homes is allowed.

15. Guests: Tenants should make their guests aware of the rules and regulations. Tenants are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests.

Guests may stay with a homeowner for seven (7) consecutive days. Individuals whose stay exceeds seven (7) consecutive days or thirty (30) days in a calendar year must apply for residency with Eagle's Nest RV Resort and/or be assessed additional rental charges.

Eagle's Nest RV Resort reserves the right to determine whether the park facilities can accommodate additional tenants in the park, and, therefore, may at its sole discretion refuse a guest residency.

Eagle's Nest RV Resort agrees that they will not unreasonably withhold its consent to allow additional persons to move in with long-term residents.

16. Safety: Due to pedestrian traffic within Eagle's Nest RV Resort, everyone is urged to drive 5 MPH and CAREFULLY at all times within Eagle's Nest RV Resort.

Electric meters and septic systems are located throughout Eagle's Nest RV Resort and must not be tampered with, and a three (3’) foot clearance must be maintained around all equipment at all times.

No open fires are permitted other than an ordinary barbecue. No exceptions.

The use of fireworks of any type is strictly prohibited.

Children must be supervised always. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and conduct. Any injuries or damages that they may incur, or cause is the sole responsibility of the parent. Unsupervised children who cause disruption for other guests may be asked to leave the park with their entire group.

17. Vehicles and Parking: No street parking, or lawn parking, is permitted. Each site is allowed two vehicles with parking facilities for tenants and their guests. The park cannot guarantee parking for all vehicles; offsite locations may need to be utilized for excess vehicle parking. Designated “Visitor Parking” spaces are limited to 24-hour parking. Vehicles are subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense for exceeding the posted time restriction.  Tenants are prohibited from washing their vehicles onsite.

18. Pets: Tenants must obtain prior written permission to keep a maximum of one house pet. No unregistered or unapproved animals will be allowed in the park.

A “house pet” is defined as a domesticated animal that spends its primary existence within the home. The types of pets that may be permitted are dogs, cats, small birds, and aquatic animals in aquariums. No dangerous, poisonous, undomesticated or farm animals are permitted in the park. No pet weighing over 40 lbs. is permitted in the park.

Tenants are responsible for all damages caused by their pet.

No pets are permitted inside the common areas.

No pet is allowed to roam at large within the park. Any dog, when not inside home, must be on a short leash and under the physical control of the owner/handler at all times.

Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of immediately.

No pet is to enter onto any other Tenants’ site.

Pet owners shall not allow their pet to cause any excessive disturbance or harm, including but not limited to barking, snarling, growling or biting. If a pet causes excessive disturbances or harm permission to keep the pet may be revoked.

No exterior pet housing is permitted in the park. Pets may not be tied or restrained outside of the owner’s home and left unattended.

Guests are not allowed to bring their pets into the park.

A written description of the pet must be supplied to Eagle's Nest RV Resort by the Tenant. Dogs over four (4) months of age must be vaccinated and licensed in accordance with local code. A copy of the license and vaccination reports may be requested to be kept on file.

19. Use of Park Facilities and Premises: The use of Eagle's Nest RV Resort facilities to which the general public is invited or for commercial or business purposes is prohibited. Eagle's Nest RV Resort facilities will not be made available to the general public.

20. Mail service: Eagle's Nest RV Resort will not accept mail delivered to the RV park for tenants.  Tenants must obtain a post office box or have their mail sent “general delivery” to the post office.

Eagle's Nest RV Resort Management reserves the right to evict or refuse entry to any person who has evidenced a disregard for the rules without a refund. Guests and their visitors agree to use the park at their own

risk. The management and owners are not responsible for damage, injury or loss to persons, pets, or property. Eagle's Nest RV Resort reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations as deemed necessary and

without notice.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us at 817-296-2491

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